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Speak Portuguese with confidence!

Many of us may know a language and understand it, but when it comes to speaking that language, we unconsciously forget that language or we are afraid of not speaking correctly!

The foundation of Portolingo courses is to build your confidence and comfort in speaking Portuguese!


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Learning Portuguese is not just learning a language, but traveling to a world of different experiences! Portolingo teachers, who have completed their higher education   in Portugal, will not only teach you Portuguese according to the standards defined by the European Union and Portugal, but also all their experiences in Portugal will also share with you!

Portuguese numbers in the world


The most spoken language in the world

274 million

Speakers around the world

10  country

official language

History of the Portuguese language

Why should you learn Portuguese?

we learn?

Portugal is one of the most popular countries in Southern Europe for Europeans and Americans in the summer, and therefore, it is known as the jewel of Europe due to its distinctive cuisine, landscapes, stunning architecture, proud and unique culture and history._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Knowing how to speak Portuguese will make your experience of a great vacation destination that attracts more than 2 million tourists a year even more enjoyable.


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Portokids period

Greetings and many thanks to dear Mrs. Zahedi, who, with this teaching method, attracted and interested my son in her classes in the best way, and in this period of time, we are witnessing the excellent feedback of her efforts in our son.

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